Employers Insurance


EmployAssist HR Insurance is tailored to fit your business and our services.

In an increasingly litigious world, staying up to date with the demands of employment legislation, regulations and directives can be very challenging. Few businesses can afford to budget for the large legal costs or management time associated with unexpectantly defending themselves against employment claims, some of which are potentially unlimited in amount. 

EmployAssist HR insurance is designed to protect your company balance sheet from the cost of taking legal advice and defending an employment claim. Our day-to-day HR advice is supported by a seamless insurance to cover specialist representation by solicitors and the cost of compensation awards made against you. Unlike other policies this one has integrity built-in, our own claims team will be on your side from the outset and you will not be at the mercy of a faceless insurer call-centre dedicated to make decisions that suit themselves.

Our flexible policy choices are designed to protect the business ​from a range of employment related issues such as redundancy and TUPE situations and uniquely include extensions of cover to protect individual managers who may be ‘joined’ in an action personally, the enforcement of restrictive covenants and the cost of specialist PR where adverse publicity is threatened against you.   

Cover can be varied to suit your budget and particular needs, please ​contact us for full details.