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Employee Appreciation Day: The Importance of Making Employees Feel Valued

Mar 07, 2018
The first Friday in the month of March is Employee Appreciation Day. The aim of the day is to remind employers that their employees are some of the most important assets their companies can possess and most businesses would not operate without them. 
A recent survey by the O.C Tanner institute found that only 34% of employees felt appreciated by their employers and only 43% believed that when they did receive recognition, it was sincere. 

It is important that employers are aware of the benefits of simply saying that thank you and showing their gratitude to their employees. Not only will staff feel valued, it will have direct impact on their motivation, productivity and ensure that they stick with your business for longer. 

There are a number of different ways in which employers can show their appreciation. It could be as simple as sending an email to say ‘thank you’, or providing sweet treats for your employees. 

Depending on the size of your business, you could organise a staff outing or a staff party. Whatever method you choose to show your appreciation, as an employer you need to ensure that it genuine, well communicated and sincere. 

For smaller business, it is easier for an employer to show their appreciation. Personally thanking employees is a much more powerful way of getting your message across and shows that you are aware of the hard work they are putting in. Generic praise will never have the same impact as specific praise which shows the employee that you are aware of and recognise the work that they personally put in. 

For any employer of any size, ensuring that your employees are happy and motivated is the best way to ensure your business is successful. Showing your appreciation is the quickest and cheapest way of securing this success.