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Significant Increase in Employment Tribunals Raised– Is Your Business at Risk?

Sep 28, 2018

by Kimberley Wallace, Consultant
0333 400 7920 | kim@employassisthr.co.uk

The Ministry of Justice has recently released the latest tribunal statistics for April to June 2018. Since the abolition of tribunal fees, which were removed in July 2017; the number of claims made has increased significantly.

The figures show that for the latest quarter (April to June 2018), when compared to the same quarter a year earlier (April – June 2017):

  • The number of single employment tribunal (ET) claims lodged has increased by 165%; 
  • Multiple ET claims more than quadrupled (up 344%) during the period, which was mainly due to a large multiple airline claim;
  • The average unfair dismissal award was £15,007;
  • Disability discrimination claims received the highest average award (£30,700);
  • There have been 14,500 applications as part of the ET fee refund scheme with 12,400 refunds being made which amount to a value of over £10.6 million.

The continuing increase in these figures indicates a growing pursuit of employees raising claims where they believe their employers have treated them unfairly. 

Employers should remain conscious of the growth in claims being lodged and be aware of any risk within their business. Because of the abolition of tribunal fees, it is possible that employees feel more able to raise claims against their employers.

Employers should ensure that they:

  • Are following proper employment practices and ACAS guidelines;
  • Are not taking short cuts when dealing with any employment issues;
  • Deal with workplace issues in a timely manner;
  • Seek professional HR advice and support if required.

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