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Mental Health in the Workplace: How Can UK Employers Improve the Mental Health Support They Offer?

Feb 07, 2019

by Kimberley Wallace, Consultant
0333 400 7920 | kim@employassisthr.co.uk

Yesterday, our blog looked at the essential practices that businesses should have in place as part of their duty of care for employees’ mental health and wellbeing. Many businesses will want to go above and beyond this basic duty and progress towards creating a positive wellbeing culture. 

In today’s blog we look at proactive and encouraging ways that businesses can promote a healthier working culture in support of their employees’ health and mental wellbeing.

The UK working population is growing ever more conscientious of their health and wellbeing. With the average UK employee spending £174 a month on wellbeing related products; leading employers will be factoring health and wellbeing into their business’ reward and benefits package to make them a the most attractive prospective employer for applicants. 

Many top employers have found that making a commitment to the mental and emotional wellbeing of their staff will not only benefit individuals, but will improve productivity, retention and staff satisfaction. 

Popular health and wellbeing benefits (that you may have already heard of) include:

  • Employee assistance programme;
  • Health insurance;
  • Private medical cover;
  • Quiet spaces;
  • Workplace massages;
  • Physiotherapy sessions;
  • Yoga classes;
  • Free fruit;
  • Gym membership;
  • Flexible working arrangements;
  • Work sports and social teams;
  • Ping pong table (found to be the most desired benefit in a survey of millennials by PerkBox!);
  • Break out areas.

We think that mental health conscious employers can go beyond the above benefits. We’ve developed a list of innovative businesses who can offer alternative solutions to improve the mental health support you offer your employees. 

Click on the links below to find out more about these innovative approaches to improving employee wellbeing:

Taking positive steps to improve the management of mental health in the workplace can help employers to:

  • Reduce absence and turnover along with the associated costs;
  • Increase productivity and attendance;
  • Create higher staff engagement and satisfaction;
  • Meet your duty of care towards employees and your legislative obligations.

If you have any questions about our Mental Health blog series, if you have any concerns for your employees, or if you want to discuss mental health support at work, please contact EmployAssist. Kim and Ezra from the EmployAssist team are qualified Mental Health First Aiders.