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Guest Blog: A Unique Approach to Employee Wellbeing

Jun 06, 2019

Today we have a Guest Blog from Vicky Kelly at Butterfly Effect Coaching who explains how we (and our employees) may have evolved a conditioning around the concept of ‘wellbeing’.

Conscious employers care about their employee's wellbeing. Not just because healthy and happy employees are more productive, also simply because it's the right thing to do. However, it becomes increasingly difficult for employees to experience wellbeing when there is conditionality attached to it.  

Let me explain.

Our society teaches us that wellbeing has certain parameters. Implying that if particular conditions aren't met, then our wellbeing will suffer. We're taught that if we have a busy job, a lot of responsibility at home and we don't make time for exercise, relaxation and the like, the cracks will start to show.  But what if we've got it the wrong way round? 

What if it's believing that there are certain conditions which need to be met which causes the suffering. This is the part the human ego plays. The ego is like a trouble-shooter. Always on the look-out for things that could be/go wrong. As soon as we find something it then goes into the "should" story. We resist our present experience and the resistance feels like suffering. We believe that until the circumstances have changed (you’ve met the deadline, landed the client, got home in time for bath time) you will not get relief. Funnily enough, that's true (in the present paradigm.  It needn't be, but more on that later) but not because the improved situation brought relief.  Because the changed situation brought an end to the resistance which caused the suffering.

With this understanding, we can start to see that the change in circumstances isn't actually necessary. The change in belief is.

What a relief!  Let's be honest, there are times in business when workloads are high, time is all accounted for (and then some). Or there can be things that go on outside of work that just need to be dealt with, and there isn’t anyone else who can do it.  So, if it isn't possible to change the circumstances, thank goodness we can see through the suggestions of the ego, to the realisation that we don't need to have any particular circumstances in order to be well. It's within that realisation that peace and wellbeing reside.

This is the uniquely different approach to Employee Wellbeing that I take.  Unravelling the teachings of society, and gently peeling back the layers of ego stories we’ve learnt to tell ourselves.  This kind of intervention is available at the surface level of understanding, or I can really knock your socks off if you want to go the whole hog and immerse your whole company deeply in this understanding.  Please get in touch for more information.

About Vicky Kelly, Butterfly Effect Coaching
Vicky Kelly runs Butterfly Effect Coaching which is a business and personal development coaching practice.  She supports employees through her employee wellbeing programmes, which are available in groups or 121.  She also works with businesses and employers offering coaching in areas like Leadership & Management, Customer Service, Personal Development, Business Growth, Creating a Resilience Culture.  Her mission is to empower businesses to see beyond their conditioning, drop their ideas of who they think they are and go forth into the world of business from a free and powerful position, creating meaningful change and sustainable industries.