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How Can Green Space Immersion Support Your Employees’ Wellbeing and Mindfulness?

Feb 07, 2019
By Karen Liebenguth – GreenSpace Life Coaching

Happy and healthy staff members are at the heart of a well-functioning and successful business

Everyone wants to do well in the workplace, yet sometimes things get in the way: high workload, team dynamics, conflict, poor communication, stress, anxiety etc.

I work with individuals and teams to help them become happier, more energised and motivated; I support them so they can gain:

  • Clarity of mind and direction, increased motivation and productivity;
  • Increased mutual understanding, connection and communication within teams;
  • Crucial skills such as emotional resilience, collaboration and decision-making.

I offer the following services:

  • Coaching immersion days in green space;
  • Mindfulness based workshops and courses to reduce stress and restore wellbeing;
  • Team building and development using MBTI and the Natural Learning Cycle;
  • Coaching while walking;
  • One-to-one coaching for managers and employees.

Where possible, I take all my clients – private or corporate – outdoors into green spaces such as local parks where reflection, creativity, insight and change can happen most naturally.

Give me a call for an informal conversation: 07815 591379 or email: karen@greenspacecoaching.com.