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How Can Stress Resilience Training Support Your Employees’ Wellbeing and Mental Health?

Feb 07, 2019
by Paula Ruane - Resilience Trainer and Speaker

The top three questions asked regularly:

Do Employees Really Need It?
Yes. The majority of the UK workforce reports well-documented symptoms of stress e.g. Close Brothers recently reported that 94% have financial worries. 

What Difference Will it Make?
Proven HeartMath   Resilience Training will improve mental and emotional wellbeing by reducing energy drain. Feeling overloaded drains mental and emotional energy quickly lowering resilience. The simple but profound tools teach intelligent self-regulation to reactions and responses triggered by stress. The individual becomes more engaged, energised, calmer and also more alert. The training focuses on prevention, rather than dealing with the symptoms of stress build-up which impacts mental and emotional health. 

How Will it Benefit My Organisation and Employees?
The training gives the employees proactive tools to be used anywhere, anytime, by anyone –unbeknown to others. There are no meditative, eyes-closed sessions where people have to leave the room; no down-time away from the workplace as with relaxation methods. 

The tools equip people to increase their capacity to prepare for, recover from and adapt in the face of stress, challenge and adversity. The key word is ‘capacity’. This is the HeartMath definition of Resilience.

As a licenced HeartMath group practitioner, I work with teams and individuals to provide much needed solutions to increase mental and emotional resilience to match today’s pace of change.

Paula Ruane - Resilience Trainer/Speaker
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