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Using Saville and Holdsworth’s assessments, we can provide a range of psychometric tests including competency tests and personality assessments, to:

  • Gain deeper insight into job applicants’ competencies and personalities during the recruitment process, helping you to select the right candidates for the right roles;
  • Identify the potential and development needs of your leaders;
  • Evaluate the talent pool across your business to support organisational change;
  • Create winning teams with real synergy.

Occupational Personality Questionnaire (OPQ)

Measures 32 different personality traits that are relevant to occupational settings including:

  • Social Traits – That illustrate an individual’s style with stakeholders and managing relations with others (outgoing, social confidence, modesty, independent minded, etc.)
  • Leadership Traits – That illustrate an individual’s competence leading and managing others (controlling, persuasive, decisive, caring, democracy, etc.)
  • Strategic Traits – That illustrate competence in working strategically (innovative, forward thinking, conceptual, conventional, etc.)
  • Performance-Related Traits – That illustrate an individual’s approach to their responsibilities (rule following, detail conscious, data rational, conscientious, competitive, achieving, etc.)

Competency Assessments

A range of competency-based assessments can be administered, including:

  • Verbal reasoning test;
  • Inductive reasoning test;
  • Situational judgement test;
  • Numerical reasoning test;
  • Deductive reasoning test.