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Payroll and Financial Services

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We provide comprehensive payroll administration services including:

  • PAYE registration;
  • Tax and National Insurance deductions;
  • Pensions;
  • Statutory payment administration (e.g. statutory sick pay, maternity, paternity).


Our insurance is designed to protect your company balance sheet from the cost of taking legal advice and defending an employment claim. Our day-to-day HR advice is supported by a seamless insurance to cover specialist representation by solicitors and the cost of compensation awards. Cover can be tailored to suit your budget and particular needs. 

Financial Services and Pensions

Via Nockolds Wealth financial services, we are able to assist you with:

  • Financial planning for business owners;
  • Corporate investments;
  • Taxation and trust planning;
  • Employee benefits, including:
    • Workplace pensions;
    • Life assurance;
    • Income protection.

To add any of our financial services to your retainer please contact us. Our financial services can also be provided independently, so if you are a business looking for payroll administration or employers insurance, we can be of assistance. 

​Tax Support

Via Nockolds ​Solicitors, we are able to assist you with:

  • Preparation of Self-Assessment Tax Returns for Directors and other employees and advice as to whether or not you one needs to prepare a tax return.
  • Advising as to whether or not Directors and Employees have the correct PAYE code notice (this is what is used to calculate how much tax is deducted from your salary each month) This may be particularly relevant where you enjoy benefits provided by your employer e.g. company car, private medical insurance and also where you may have other income other than the “day job” e.g. property income.
  • Obtaining refunds when one is entitled to, from HMRC, perhaps after a pension contribution has been made or the wrong PAYE coding notice has been applied by an employer. Refunds can  sometimes be claimed over several years.