Psychometrics and Employee Development


Understanding and developing both the employee/employer relationship, and the employee’s relationship with your business. 

Sometimes your business may need specialist solutions that goes beyond the routine and standard day-to-day HR support. 

Whether it’s training your employees, facilitating mediation sessions or understanding employee engagement; our HR consultants can provide innovative, bespoke solutions for your business.

Our team can assist your business needs including:

  • Mediation – Facilitating mediation sessions following internal issues.
  • Psychometrics – Enabling deeper insight of your people through personality and capability testing to enhance recruitment and personal development plans. 
  • Outplacement Support – Responsibly supporting employees who are exiting the business (voluntarily or involuntarily) and supporting job transition, CV screening, coaching and mock interviews.
  • Training – Providing training for your managers/directors on HR basics including disciplinaries, grievances, mediation and health & safety.
  • Coaching – Providing career coaching for your managers and staff.
  • Job Evaluation – Developing a suitable and systematic system to evaluate the roles within your business.
  • Employee Engagement – Developing bespoke surveys to best understand your business’ employee views and engagement.